The website is a priority toolkit for both advertising and the successful sale of products (services). The ultimate goal – making a profit is achieved by a resource by attracting a mass of users who are looking for thematic information.

This is information about the enterprise, company, company, the product or service they offer, etc. How not to make a mistake and choose an IT company whose specialists will be most professional in developing the site? Any organization, enterprise, and even an individual wants to get the most efficient resource to achieve its goal.

A site that is not destined to cope with the expansion of the user audience, no one needs. Question: “How to choose the right web studio?” Is relevant for anyone who has set the goal of developing a site.

We at WebSailors have prepared the list of recommendations for the right choice of a development company:

  • it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of result is needed, that is, the customer must have his own vision of the future site. To do this, it is advisable to fill out a brief to convey your plan to the developer as accurately as possible. A company that has earned recognition in its field without TK will not undertake project development;
  • Decide on a budget to keep within;
  • not superfluous to use the word of mouth. The right decision: ask your friends who have good experience in ordering the development of sites for advice on which studio you can turn to;
  • a list should be made of those web companies that offer website development within the price range specified by the customer;
  • you need to make up your mind about the proposals of companies included in this list. It will not be superfluous to go into the portfolio. If it contains a variety of work styles, then this is a positive point. Next, it is worth evaluating how much the material proposed by the user for consideration by the user is clear, is it easy to navigate the site, to understand what the latter is aimed at. It would be nice to find out if the latest web technologies are used in the development. It is advisable to find a project that could serve as a prototype for the one that the customer wants to create;
  • You should learn more about the IT company: period of activity in the IT field, legal address, number of employees, what achievements are available. If the web-studio offers a sufficient list of services, then this also indicates professionalism. If the budget does not allow you to implement an ultra-expensive project, but you want the site to be original, the best option is to opt for an average company with up to ten employees. It is important to remember: a studio that constantly changes the address does not inspire confidence;
  • if it is not possible to understand the order of prices from the site’s information, it is advisable to send a description of the project to a company organized by all parameters;
  • it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the development conditions: the payment scheme, the term and stages of the order, find out whether the customer needs to participate in one of them;
  • carry out a painstaking analysis of the contract. It should not be standard, repeating exactly the contracts of other companies. A serious studio at the conclusion of the contract is distinguished by an individual approach to the client, taking into account the experience gained;
  • after knowing the total cost of the project, it is necessary to find out whether unforeseen expenses may arise during the development process. All expenses for the development of the project should be agreed in the estimate;
  • It will not be superfluous to find out whether the company provides after-project site support. If so, on what conditions.

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