The gaming industry is being affected with innovations constantly and throughout the last couple of years, it is grown rapidly whilst improving the user experience of many.

What has been the main talk of the gaming blogs and forums recently is the virtual reality (VR) gaming and how are we going to be affected by new high-tech solutions that offer us incredible gaming experience and totally new equipment.

If you haven’t been up to date with the latest tech info, here is a small introduction to virtual reality.


Virtual reality is the type of gaming where a player can experience the three-dimensional space and interact with it during the game. Bio-sensing is the technology that is being implemented in VR gaming and it helps with detecting a person’s presence. For example, if a person wants to interact with 3D space, he/she will need to wear equipment such as data gloves or suits that will be connected to small sensors thus enabling the record of body movements of that person in 3D space.

Those same movements are being monitored and triggered by acomputer that analyses the data and uses it for appropriate responses to the screen.


You have been wondering why this is so special and why virtual reality is, in fact, the future of gaming. What most people do not realize until trying out this technology is the fact that they become a vital part of the game while playing it. They are not only controlling some random actions; they are actually in the game.

This is popularly called immersive experience and it is one of the main selling points of the virtual reality gaming.

If you watched the movie called “The Lawnmower man”, you are probably quite informed about the immersive experience and you are familiar with a person being involved and interacting with objects in the virtual world.

Of course, the technology has improved in epic ways and it is far better today than when the movie was made.

Equipment and products

Here is a great example of how realistic virtual reality gaming can be:


The equipment required for this set of experiences is usually quite expensive and what most people use are HMD (head mounted display) and/or data gloves.


The Sony is currently the leader when it comes to producing virtual reality equipment and with the release of PSVR, they will start with the introduction process to the masses. There are other manufacturers such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, whose equipment are readily available for PC owners, however, the number of gamers with computers capable of running this equipment is significantly lower to those having PlayStation 4.

The VR gaming has a lot of advantages but also a long and bumpy road until it is being widely used by gamers all over the globe. The price of this experience, as well as the size of the needed equipment, is the biggest obstacle that needs to be solved in the upcoming years. If the Sony and other manufacturers manage to solve this, they will be writing a new history of gaming!