Managing the truth of death is one that we would prefer not to confront. What’s more, for quite a while, a large portion of us had just two genuine choices: Burial, or incineration. These days, because of the advancements in science and innovation, you have a veritable tome of choices for your after-death habitation. Here is one..

Currently only one funeral home in the U.S offers resomation, or what they call “bio-cremation”—an eco-friendly alternative to the traditionally high rates of energy used in normal cremation. Resomation is a process whereby a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide are used to liquefy the body, leaving only the bones. (These are later ground into fragments, as with regular cremation, and are then given to the family.)

Because gas-powered cremation requires a massive output of energy (approximately 16-1800 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates a massive carbon footprint), and because dissolving the body releases CO2 and potentially harmful reside like mercury from tooth fillings, many people prefer a more environmentally-conscious way to dispose of their remains.

Resomation only requires 350 degrees Fahrenheit to operate, and any problematic implants or medical residue can be extracted from the bones before the now-sterile water is disposed of through the waste system. But don’t look for much of a price break by being liquefied: both kinds of procedures remain at about $3,000 total.

Without a doubt this alternative will fit your financial plan. Also, in the event that it doesn’t, simply hold up. Some rebel geek in Silicon Valley will think of something soon enough.