WordPress is a popular blogging platform and Content Management System(CMS). Features of WordPress help bloggers to post content quickly and now think about the functionality of WordPress that allows you to manage all the site from a single dashboard by a Network Administrator.

WordPress Multisite is an advanced feature of WordPress that allows you to run many sites within a single WordPress installation. Now, let’s take an example WordPress.com is multisite in which millions of blogs can post. In this article, We will guide you the must-have plugins used in WordPress Multisite, and what exactly is WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite is a tool which is easy to use and a flexible platform tor run millions of sites. There are many plugins available for the functioning of multisite, that make it easier for the setup of multisite and enhance performance. However, WordPress Multisite activation cannot be directly done through a plugin installation or theme but can be done through WordPress default settings. If you feel it as a tedious task, you can connect with a WordPress development company for executing this.Multisite installation is of two types; domain-based, and another one is directory-based. It helps to avoid conflict between website and pages.

User Role Editor

The User Role Editor truly supports multisite, which is used to grant permission to manage the network except for the administrator. It is a free plugin that allows uploading images to articles. The Free plugins support multiple sites, and the pro version allows managing multi site via network admin. Within this plugin, it will enable users to change WordPress user roles power easily. User role editor has its option page under the WordPress settings menu.

Multisite Plugin Manager

Multisite Plugin Manager is a useful WordPress plugin that allows you to manage the site administration through a multisite network. This plugin automatically enables plugins for new sites in the network. This plugin can also work with Pro Sites plugins. It includes many features like;

  • Activate and deactivate plugins
  • Allows access permission across the entire multisite network
  • Select plugin for auto-activation for blogs
  • It integrates with WPMU DEV Supporter plugin
  • It is available for free from WordPress plugin repository

Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancement plugin helps to organize the dashboard network area for super admins with several information and topics as desired. For instance, you can add useful items to network admin like; blog, user id, etc. and acquire useful information about extended menus. Features include:

able to see the status of active plugin

helps to add status to each site

identify which blog has an active theme on the network theme page

User Switching

The plugin allows you to activate on your website, users who are authorized can edit, and other users can also switch the account without reset any passwords.

This feature helps administrators who manage many sites and also for developers. As you are the desired user, the User Switching plugin helps you instantly logout and login. Features it includes;

  • Completely secure
  • suitable for WordPress, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, WordPress Multisite.
  • Instant Login and logout ability

Multisite Content Copier

As the name suggests, Multisite Content Copier is a plugin which copies all the content from one site to another. This plugin is considered as the best solution for copy content from one place to another. Within this, It can copy the posts, pages, categories, tags, images, document files, etc. and also it gets integrated with WordPress New Blog Template Plugin for copying content from a blog Template group.

Multisite Cloner

Multisite Cloner plugin is free, and it duplicates site functionality to your network installation. This plugin is similar to the Multisite content copier, and it is user-friendly, simple, and it extends the WordPress core functionality. Keep users and roles from the replicated site, Fully hookable, and more.

Other features include; copies of all posts, create log files, copy every data from the duplicated website.

Multisite Language Switcher: Multisite Language Switcher is very popular and helps to translate post, page, category, etc. in multiple languages. This plugin allows content in different languages in your WordPress