The Distinction Between Hot And Cold Forging


What separates hot and cold forging? Is one more form of forging superior to the other? Below we go through the mechanism of each to discover which is superior.

Heating To The Right Temperature

Before forging, metal needs to be heated to the right temperature to make it ready. The best temperatures are 660 and 220 Fahrenheit. Metal varies and requires different heating temperatures.

Aluminum alloys are heated between 680° and 1148°Fahrenheit, Copper alloys (Bronze and Brass) require temperatures ranging from 1292° to 1472° Fahrenheit. Steel requires higher temperatures of 2102° Fahrenheit.

There are many instances where the metal forging temperatures and their melting point are close.

Hot Forging

The Hot forging process is suitable for metals with a higher formability degree. There are, however, several points to consider when choosing hot forging over cold forging for metallurgy work.

Several considerations and unique results achieved through the hot forging process …