Freelance writing jobs are gaining popularity in India. The aspect of working from home was incomprehensible in India, until recently with the omnipresence of the Internet in every sphere of our lives, freelance writing jobs have become a career option in itself.

Companies look out for freelance content writers to outsource the development of content of their websites, products, and services.  Individuals also look out for content writers for their specific needs such as project writing, copywriting, blog writing, article writing, etc. The entire process from creating an order for work to bidding for the order to completion of the project may confuse and repel a buyer. However, the entire process is simplified and transparent in portals like which makes it easier for the freelance content writers and the companies / individuals to get noticed, raise bids, complete  the work given and get paid.


The process of acquiring freelance writing jobs in portals like is easy and simple. The employer posts a topic / topics, the number of words required per article, the deadline within which the work has to be submitted and the amount to be paid for the said content upon completion within the time frame. The content providers registered on bid for the order and once accepted start writing for the order. Once completed the write-up / article / blog is then submitted. The buyer pays credits the amount in the account of the content provider. Generally the payments for freelance content writing are on per word basis or per order basis. Seasoned and experienced freelance content writers can negotiate also with the buyer. But the fresher content providers need to build their credibility before negotiating in the content marketplace.

Beware of fake and fraudulent content writing portals

However, the flip side of content writing is the chances of being cheated by fraudulent buyers in the content marketplace. Some content writing portals take the content from you and do not pay. Therefore, it is very essential to watch out for such fake agencies. But it is easier said than done. Many content writers in India have been cheated and been robbed of their articles. Therefore, freelance content writers must work for only trusted web portals like thereby minimizing the risks of being cheated.

According to the Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages. Although, content writing in India mainly comprises of English content writing, nevertheless, Hindi and other regional languages are also gaining importance in the content marketplace. Hindi content writers are already in demand in, a content marketplace. Hence, in the near future freelance writing jobs will not be limited to English speaking and writing content providers, but will include Hindi and other regional freelance content writers also.  So, welcome to world of freelance writing jobs.