Year after year, lakhs of students vie for elusive seats in engineering colleges all over the country by competing in the JEE Main exams. The JEE Main is deemed to be one of the toughest exams to clear and for IIT aspirants, it is a step closer towards getting into their dream IIT. With so many students appearing for JEE Main each year, the competition only gets tougher with each passing year. The ranks vs marks vary each year and there’s never knowing what the coming year will bring. But one thing is for sure: students will do anything they can to get into their dream college and they need all the help they can get.

Who hasn’t fantasized about studying in Hogwarts (albeit impossible because it is just that – a fantasy)? Coming back to reality, the destination changes but the question remains the same. Who hasn’t dreamt of studying in their dream college of a possibly world-class campus, state-of-the-art infrastructure, huge library and a top class faculty? I know I have.


As you work on JEE Main answer Key and solutions, you must be having that dream college in your mind all the while you’re studying and revising. If there was a way to find out what college your current rank would get you into, would you try it out? Of course, you would! And of course, there is!

The JEE Main College Predictor predicts your future college based on the seat allocation reports published by the Central Seat Allocation Board in the past year. The cutoff ranks for top colleges always change every year which is why the college prediction is the closest approximation. Find out how this JEE Main College Predictor works!

The college predictor will give you an idea of which college you are likely to get into with your current scores and rank. Improve your scores and optimize your rack with practice and unlimited tests. Give yourself a chance to get into that dream college of yours! All the best! 🙂