How Do You Ensure Customer Satisfaction After the Sale?

So, you’ve made the sale. You may think your business goal has been achieved and there’s nothing left to do, right? This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve made a sale, you have accomplished something, but your work is not done. You must follow up on the sale to ensure customer satisfaction. Doing so will increase the chances they’ll come back for another sale.


One of the best and easiest tools to use to ensure client satisfaction is the Internet. Particularly, social media profiles are free, easy to use, and great for customer communication. For example, if restaurant owner Brad Wilde Phoenix uses his Facebook to field customer complaints, he has the ability to offer solutions and stop the customers from spreading negative feedback. If Brad Wilde Phoenix doesn’t utilize Facebook, he runs the risk of the customers sharing their negative experiences with their entire social circle, which …

Having a proper nurse calling system is such a vital part in any medical setting

Having a proper nurse calling system is such a vital part in any medical setting. How it works is via transmission and receiver technology. There are various different types between these which we take a look at in detail below.

The transmitter will be the devices given to patients, the elderly or any person in recovery who needs round the clock help. The device will send a signal to the receiver device when its button is pressed. It is an immediate notification which means that help can come straight away. The transmitter button on the nurse calling system comes in the form of a small, handheld device that is free of wires. This allows for it to be easily within reach, in addition to being able to carry it around the vicinity. Batteries within a quality nurse calling system is capable of lasting for years. The transmitter nurse calling system